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Justin Jones-Fosu - Keynote Speaker

Justin Jones-Fosu is a full-time husband, father, and international speaker. He is the President/Chief Inspirational Officer of Justin Inspires International, LLC where he speaks 50-60 times a year for professionals, colleges, and youth internationally. He has spoken in 4 countries for over 250+ organizations, and given over 450+ presentations. Justin is also the founder of Respectivity, a company helping workplaces to develop better cultures of respect. With an MBA specializing in Leadership and Organizational Change, he had the opportunity to gain leadership experience with three Fortune 500 companies. Justin believes that being a husband and father is even more important than any accomplishments, recognition, or accolade.

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Palveshey Tariq - Mindfulness & Meditation

When Palveshey Tariq was seventeen, she ran away from home. She was homeless for half of her senior year in high school. A few nights spent on park benches scared her straight. She was motivated by fear to continue studying in order to meet her basic human needs (food, shelter, clothing). She believed a scholarship to college was her only escape; the way to a better life was through the safety net of a formal education. She got her education but carried her fear of ending up where she started: sleeping on park benches.

PV got her degree from the University of Florida, a master’s in finance at Harvard AND a PhD in quantum physics at Yale. Her top-tier education opened doors to opportunities with renowned global impactors like the World Bank and MIT. These opportunities allowed her to develop her own think tank and a multi-million-dollar hedge fund. But, her thirst for knowledge also led to unhealthy addictions.

Now Pavleshey works with young people around the world to reflect and master mindfulness while overcoming obstacles to overthinking.


Dave Raymond - Hero of Happiness

Dave Raymond is a branding expert and thought-leader in happiness & leadership. He speaks for groups around the world about harnessing their own super hero identity to make their own lives and lives of those around them happier. It's a career he started and has studied for more than 40+ years, beginning as a young professional, inhabiting what become the most popular mascot in the history of sports - the Phillie Phanatic.

His work has been featured in the NYTimes, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, and HBO Real Sports.